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First and foremost a precedent should be established. Wim is in truth the nearest composer we have to a Dutch Louis-Moreau Gottschalk, Charles Ives or even Sir Malcolm Arnold, in that his Art both encapsulates and simultaneously recreates what it means to compose within the ferment that personifies his country's musical identity, but he is far more than the sum of his influences. Welding together the delicacy of  Brian Wilson's calmest SMiLE compositions through the bizarre stylings of his avowed mentor [and friend] Van Dyke Parks, Mort Garson and the eerie White Noise whilst ignoring all the "rules" of composition to create a new  and entirely unique form of 21st Century classicism... and in truth trumping all his mentors along the way.   -James Crowther-


Wim Oudijk,  * 9th of May 1943  -  ✞ 21st of September 2016,  was a musician, producer, arranger and songwriter from The Hague, Netherlands.

As a child he taught himself piano and also discovered he had a much sought-after skill for ‘yodelling’ a technique of singing a single note that rapidly alternates between low and high pitch.

In his early twenties, he ran a successful record shop in the city.

In 1976 he started the Navel Orange Choir which performed until 1980 with a string of TV appearances and a record deal with Polydor.

In 1980, the Navel Orange Choir split up and Oudijk formed the group ‘Trespassers W’ who toured and recorded together with Wim from 1984 - 2000. In 2002, he re-mastered a cd boxed set of their entire collection of recordings.

By 1998, Oudijk had embarked upon a solo career, co-forming the Disco Fair record label with long time friend Bert Koops, a fellow music engineer and veteran of many Dutch TV movies and documentaries. Koop’s most famous work at the time was the state-of-the-art Location sound mixer that was used on the 240 episodes of the hugely popular show: ‘Goede tijden, slechte tijden’.

Oudijk's first solo release was the famous ‘Beachcombing’ CD of 1998 and this was followed in 1999 with equally well received ‘Underbrush’. Oudijk now settled in to a remarkably prolific and relentlessly creative musical output, racking up the albums ‘Xing The Equ8or’ followed by ‘Strrung’ in 2002, ‘Paroles’ in 2003, ‘VistaVision’ (2004), Waitress in a Sushi-Bar (2005), ‘Hero Swan & Doll’ (2006). The infamous classic: ‘The Leprechaun’ emerged in 2007.

In 2008, Oudijk released ‘Calypso-and-so’ in part as a tribute to his musical hero and friend Van Dyke Parks. Also, in 2008 Wim created the startlingly imaginative ‘The *Love*’ album within which was included the highly acclaimed musical epic ‘Wonders’.

Oudijk then, perhaps not surprisingly (given this exhaustingly prolific creative decade) took a break from his solo work to instead arrange and collaborate with other artists.

In the past, he had done production work, arranging and mastering for Drs P, Eenzame Kerst, Chabliz, Hilda Wartena, Atilla the Stockbroker, Terro Ecco,  Jacuzi, Tracey Roberts, Will Matla, Witte Van Der Veen, Maisie and Venus Flytrap. During his sabbatical he wrote and produced 2  W. I. M. albums and did arranging and producing work with Nicky Johns,Tenlons Fort, Snippet, The Big I Am, Pete McCabe, Peter Burns, Jude Cowan, Todd Dillingham etc etc. In 2011 he compiled a  free download compilation for Rash Records (UK) with artwork by Mick Dillingham called I've Had My Fun Now It's Your Turn which is also available as a physical CD on Disco Fair Records. Also, in 2011 the Discofair label had a resurgence with a Trio of world class cd releases including Todd Dillingham's Songcycle 2011 which was released to critical acclaim world wide which also featured artwork by Mick Dillingham with a little help from Pete McCabe. Coming very soon is a brand new album by the legend that is Pete McCabe called Homeward. This is Pete's first release since the classic The Man who ate the Plant LP from 1973.

This brings us up to date to the brand new album by the maestro Wim entitled "Tree" featuring artwork yet again by

Mick Dillingham.

Biography by Todd Dillingham 2011.

Edited by Neil Graham.

Look at that Tree, such a beautiful Tree!

I want to take a picture to take home with me

I want all my friends to see

this beautiful magical Tree

Kirei de fushigi na ki

Wim Oudijk

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