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1 Go where you go

This album’s twisted love song. Love me,

or else...

Drums arranged by Guus van Leeuwen.

2 Ja, graag deel twee

Deel twee van de trilogie: Beknopte geschiedenis

van de westerse cultuur.

Commercie, sex en hebzucht

3 Paradise isn’t lost

As Nilsson wisely said:“Close your eyes and you will see.”

Music is not very latin, but definitely hollyday-ish.

4 The sea

The sound of a steeldrum against a backdrop

of sea and crickets: a very

personal memory. And yes, the intro

is stolen from Stand by me.

Flute played by Wieke Karsten.

5 Llanto del Indio/ El condor pasa

Two songs from the 25 cm album

“ Musique Indienne des Andes “ I bought

in 1960. Originally played by panflutes.

El condor pasa is a part of that song

Paul Simon didn’t use for his version.

6 Punky calypso

A fake Trinidadian punk song.

7 Your hands

Subtitled “ The hands of Richard Claydermann”,

but in this version it became

his Cuban counterpart.

8 She no want I

Introducing the human yo-yo.

9 Music

The umpteenth version.

10 You’re on your way

The casting couch in all it’s dubious glory.

11 Naughty little flea

Song from a record by Lord Flea and his

Calypsonians I bought in 1960.

Very double-entendre.

12 Tenderly

The Beach Boys are never far away,

but in this song  they’re breathing up my nek.

Summertime means summer love indeed!

13 La bamba

My sister Ina and I once made a choreography to

this song in a version by Los Machucambos.

Now I’m adding my version to the hundreds that already exist.

14 Tropical heat

Starting with a sample from Heatwave

by Marilyn Monroe. For airco lovers.

Definitely not autobiographical.

15 Trabando en una mina/ Barquero

Two flamenco songs originally sung acapella

by convicts rowing the galleys.

The first one is aptly called

“ Working in a coalmine”. (Allan Toussaint?)

16 A merry can

For Bert. Flute played by Wieke Karsten. Thanks a lot.

17 If you wanna clean up the world you’ve gotta start at home

Dedicated to zealots and bigots everwhere.

18 Rabela dos namoricos

From the record “ Canção do Algarve”

I bought in 1959. A rich melody to a

typical Portugese toom ta ta toom ta ta rhythm.

Arranged in you-know-who style.

Play & Listen: “Punky Calypso”

Play & Listen: “Tenderly”

Xing the Equ8tor is about the only thing we took from South-America without

having to kill for: Their music!

We even gave them some of ours in return.

Wim Oudijk, October 2000.

Produced, arranged, instruments & vocals by Wim Oudijk.

Mixed by Guus van Leeuwen & Wim Oudijk.

Cover by Bert Koops & Wim Oudijk

Flute on 4 & 16 by Wieke Karsten